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Willow Gallery

Artist Run Art Gallery at Killarney
Artists: Jayne Deshon and Dawn Head Rose
About Jayne

Jayne Deshon is a slow stitcher – inspired by Boro a traditional

Japanese needlework meaning ‘tattered rags’ describing lovingly patched old bedding and clothes.  Sashiko stitching is used to create Boro along with Indigo dying of traditional fabrics and hand stitched using DMC threads.

What you can do with Jayne at the gallery

Jayne will be at the Gallery on both days of the Trail stitching and talking to visitors.

About Dawn

Dawn Head Rose is a realist Artist. Her creations can range from light and bright to dark and melancholy, depending on her mood.


She works with an old set of coloured pencils left over from her childhood, joined over time by sticks of charcoal and pastel, tubes of watercolour and acrylic and the odd bottle or three, of ink. All have proved their worth as her art evolved over the years. Her subject matter is about as varied as you could get, but it is always chosen with much contemplation, exhilaration and the occasional burst of frustration. When painting she uses a technique she has developed involving multiple layers to build depth and dimension into her work.

What you can do with Dawn at the gallery

Dawn will be at her easel, painting and talking to visitors.

Studio Address: Willow Gallery, 26 Willow Street, Killarney

Killarney is located at the headwaters of the Condamine River and is the best place to start the CCART trail.


The Willow Gallery is a collective and includes a wide range of artisans, all living in the Killarney region.

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Photos by Samantha Bennett Photography