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Warwick Artist Group

Juanita Faint and Judy Currie (Saturday)
Eileen Mair and Jill Birtwistle (Sunday)
Phone: 0490636356
About Warwick Artist Group

Since its inception in 1962, The Warwick Artist’s Group has promoted and supported the visual arts community in the Southern Downs. Over that time, it has provided the opportunity for members and non-members to extend their practice through learning programs that seek to engage and  enlighten participants. In showcasing through exhibition the type of artwork the group produces, we not only strengthen and enrich our membership, but are also a draw card for artists throughout the region who can share their expertise.

About Juanita Faint

Juanita Faint says that painting and creating have always been an important part of her life. She paints the world around her as well as letting the imagination run riot at times. Juanita paints in watercolour, pastel, acrylic and oils. Colour, design, and the illusion of depth play a large role in her work.


About Judy Currie 

Judy Currie came to art after a very full life as a teacher and decided to take an art class in watercolour as that was on offer just at the right time. She dived in headfirst and with no previous experience found it daunting challenging, absorbing and life changing.


With few expectations Judy has loved doing something new and has the true eye of artist, observant of her surroundings. She takes every opportunity to learn more about her chosen medium. She enjoys exploring how watercolour works, especially the unpredictability of it, watching the colours move and mix on the paper.


She loves painting the landscape of the beautiful Southern Downs


About Eileen Mair

Eileen Mair produces lino prints which are delicate and finely cut. She uses various techniques to create exacting black and white as well as multicoloured prints. Her subjects include creatures from the natural world as well as beloved pets and objects of whimsey.


About Jill Birtwistle

Jill Birtwistle’s mono-prints and collagraphs are created from scraps and discarded items. Leaves and feathers can become surfaces from which she creates unique, one-off images. Each allows her to reproduce the fine and delicate lines of nature whilst the inks blend themselves into subtle hues. The simplicity of each print usually requires no further adornment, but are occasionally enhanced with further colour and line.


Jill leads the Warwick Cattle Dog Printmakers and teaches various printmaking techniques for the Warwick Artists Group

What you can do at the Warwick Artist Group studio


Saturday 6 November

Juanita will paint throughout the day in Acrylics and show and discuss her process from her first very vague initial sketches, development of these and why this subject was drawn to her


Visitors to the studio can participate in an acrylic painting and add a little part of themselves. On completion this will be a lucky door prize and the lucky winner drawn from the visitors to the studio over the weekend


Judy will discuss and demonstrate her watercolour techniques. Paint is allowed to mix on the paper and on the palette providing an expected range of colours, but with cohesiveness in the final outcome. She will also demonstrate pen and wash techniques. Judy will complete two watercolour paintings and a pen and wash throughout the day and would love to answer any questions about the medium or her work.


Sunday 7 November 

Eileen and Jill will spend the day creating work and demonstrating various printmaking techniques. These will include the preparation of linocut, monotype and collagraph plates, inking and printing using hand burnishing and our studio press. As people visit the studio, they will be invited to experience printmaking for themselves.

Studio Address: The Art Studio 21 Willi Street Warwick Street Warwick

The Warwick Artist Group Art Studio is a converted workers cottage. The Studio has parking and disability access, bathroom and kitchen facilities.

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Photos by The Wife Creative

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