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Tricia Lambi

Brisbane Painter 
About Tricia

Trisha Lambi is an award-winning artist from Australia known for her bold and sensuous yet haunting oil paintings. She has exhibited widely in Australia and internationally. Highlights of her career include her selection to represent Australia at the 2006 and 2007 Guangzhou Art Fair in China and her selection as a finalist in the 2012 Art Taipei International Competition. She was a Zone winner in the London Olympics 2012 Art Show and was selected as one of the Best Picks for Painting in the 2013 Dubai International Emerging Artist Award. 

Her latest series was inspired during a photo shoot with my daughter during lock-down in April 2020 and although it was autumn, the strong light created many beautiful vignettes. Each painting has become a reflection on the effects of the Covid-19 lockdown – particularly on young people and how it must feel as though they have been cast off towards a future that is becoming increasingly tenuous. There is optimism however – it is there in the sparkle of the water, and the bright daylight streaming down onto the girl in the hat. Each painting speaks of hope as we try to navigate these strange waters we find ourselves in.

Where to see Tricia and her work

Trisha will be a special guest of Warwick Art Gallery over the weekend of the Trail. She is a former local who won the Warwick Art Prize for her painting The Ballet Roche in 2009.


She will be painting and available for conversation about her career in the Gallery Studio

Gallery Address: 49 Albion Street Warwick

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