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Robert Cullen

Deuchar Potter
Phone: 0411968853
About Rob

Residing in Deuchar Queensland, Robert Cullen has been refining and exploring pottery since 2016. After a severe leg injury, Robert rediscovered pottery; framed it in a new light. He uses his skill in ceramics to create grand and stunning pieces. Crystalline glazes and a passion for ingenuity drive Robert’s Pottery creations

What you can do at Rob's studio

Robert will be offering an open studio from 9am to 4pm  with explanations to all his pottery processes, and an opportunity to try the pottery wheel or hand building at any time throughout the day, free of charge, if you would like to keep any creations, they can be glazed and fired for a small fee of $10, tea and coffee will be available. 

Studio Address: 90 Quigley's Road Deuchar

Robert’s air conditioned studio is located on his 25 acre property, halfway between Warwick and Allora, a short drive west of the Deuchar church. You will be able to explore all areas of Robert’s studio, including the kiln area, glaze mixing, clay mixing, decorating and throwing areas.

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