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Photos by Samantha Bennett Photography

Loretta Grayson

Emu Vale Painter
About Loretta

Loretta Grayson’s work sits at the intersection of art and craft, exploring pattern and colour relationships to create luminous, abstracted, imaginary landscapes. Her artwork celebrates colour and light and is heavily influenced by map imagery, literature and poetry.


Loretta’s geometric treescapes have gained worldwide popularity, and her artwork is used in school classrooms to teach colour theory. Oil pastel and mixed media are used to create richly coloured, velvety and prismatic images. Light-filled geometric illustrations in gouache interpret the landscape using patterns found in traditional crafts such as crochet and quilting, with skies that tell emotional and personal stories of the artist’s connection to her rural environment.

What you can do with Loretta at the studio

Loretta will be working on oil pastel and gouache pieces and sharing and discussing her unique methods.

Free activity: Loretta will demonstrate handmade paper making between 2 pm and 3 pm each day.


Visitors will be able to have a go at making their own paper. This activity is suitable for all ages.


Original artworks, prints, cards and handpainted wrapping papers will be available for sale.


Visitors will be able to purchase locally made Devonshire teas to enjoy in the shade of the huge trees in the Frogs Hollow grounds.

Studio Address: Frog's Hollow Retreat 493 Yangan Killarney Road Umu Vale

Emu Vale is a 20 minute drive east of Warwick, and 15 minutes from Killarney.


Frog’s Hollow Country Retreat in situated on the left hand side of the road, right before the bridge in Emu Vale. There is a sign identifying the property at the front.

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