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Leah Kelly

Allora Glass and Ceramic Artist
Phone: 0412930637
About Leah

Humans have been expressing stories in art for millennia and are important for our identity; they keep us connected to our past, our present and our future. I have chosen the ancient mediums of glass and ceramics to express my story whilst honouring the connections to old and new stories. Each piece that I make represents a moment in time, a feeling or an experience that I can shape and colour into its very own story. Expressing my stories through such a fun and imaginative creative practice has not only been personally rewarding but it has also provided me with the opportunity to carve out a successful career path as an artist. Initially interested in jewellery design it was my love of colour in nature that led me to discover glass and its fragile strengths. Continuing my connection with glass by exploring other kiln-based techniques led me to ceramics; almost in a natural progression. While glass is a smooth and seamless medium, ceramics has significantly expanded my ability to experiment with shape, texture and colour as well as its ability to imprint glass. It is the combinations of ceramics and glass that fully expresses the tales and stories I want to tell and connects my work with the past and the future.

What you can do at Leah's studio

Glass beading demonstrations throughout the weekend. Make your own pendant - choose an artist made glass bead and matching crystal beads to create your own pendant $15. Have a go - try your hand at making your own glass bead. Leah will walk you through the steps of making your own glass bead. Allow yourself 30 - 40 minute. Bookings are essential. $10 spaces limited. Call 0412930637 to book. Browse my studio and see where I create. You will see various works in progress as well as completed works in both glass and ceramics.

Daily workshops 17/10 and 18/10 - allow 30 - 40 minutes
$10 Phone Leah to book
Studio Address: 13 Forde Street Allora

Signage and Flag, Please park out front and walk up the driveway to the backyard. Public toilets are in the entre of town or at the two parks at either end of town. 

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