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Judy Currie

Warwick Painter
About Judy

Judy began painting very recently after retiring from a demanding and sometimes stressful teaching career which she loved. Something had to fill the void so she chose watercolour painting even though she had no artistic experience whatsoever. It has been a therapy, a time to separate from her job and work, an avenue to find a new focus while maintaining the values and essence of the old ‘her’. It has grown into something she loves and something that she needs to do, something that encourages continual appreciation of the natural world.


The title of the exhibition "In pursuit of knowledge, excellence and service" was the motto of the school that was part of Judy's life for well over forty years. Exploring this hasn’t stopped with the cessation of a formal work life – it has been a way of living practised, absorbed and in continual refinement over time and consequently naturally and subtly influences her art.


Artist Statement

"Knowledge is multi-faceted: knowledge of myself through the art – for example understanding and exploring the effects of patience, perseverance; enjoying the process while trying not to be distracted by thoughts or expectations of the final piece; acceptance of my stage in the painting journey yet taking every opportunity to increase technical and practical knowledge and grow.


Excellence relates to both the personal and practical: having a strong desire for excellence in work, pursuing the best in and of myself, and my efforts; practising often and regularly to develop; moving beyond and out of my comfort zone – having the courage to move away from the safe and familiar. The artistic expression of excellence is reflected in connecting the beauty of my surroundings – the excellence of nature, with my art.


Service connects and links with both others and self and imbues the process with a growing sense of contentment, purpose and satisfaction.


Needless to say, this process of being and working is ongoing." Judy Currie

Where to see Judy's exhibition

Judy's exhibition In pursuit of knowledge, excellence and service will be at Warwick Art Gallery. Judy will be participating in our Pop Up Studio event on Sunday 6th November. 

Gallery Address: 49 Albion Street Warwick QLD

Photos by The Wife Creative

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