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Dianne Kelly

Emu Vale Painter
About Di

With an artistic career spanning more than 40 years, Di applies keen attention to detail and the strengths of her medium to create rich, crystal-clear vibrant colours, delicate, translucent washes and vivid scenes that burst with energy.  She creates vivid impressionist artworks using watercolour, acrylics, pastels, ink, and mixed media. Inspired by nature and travel, her distinctive personal style emanates joy and curiosity. Watercolour landscapes, animals and flowers are all brought to life with harmonious colours and bold compositions.

What you can do with Di at the studio

Dianne will be working on several paintings over the weekend in watercolour and acrylic, sharing techniques with visitors, and covering various subjects such as flowers and landscapes of the surrounding area.

Studio Address: Frog's Hollow Retreat 493 Yangan Killareny Road Emu Vale 

Emu Vale is a 20 minute drive east of Warwick, and 15 minutes from Killarney.


Frog’s Hollow Country Retreat in situated on the left hand side of the road, right before the bridge in Emu Vale. There is a sign identifying the property at the front.

Photos by Samantha Bennett Photography

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